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We're all super cool and respectful, right? Of course we are. Just in case we're ever in doubt about our actions in this forum, here's a handy guide to... well, guide us.


  1. No judgment! This is a place to learn. We all come from different backgrounds and levels of education about vegan and WFPB diets. Everyone should feel safe to ask questions without fear of being attacked. 
  2. This community is specifically concerned with diet and heart health. If you are an advocate for animal rights, that’s great (yay!), it’s just not the main topic of this group. Please try to stay on the topic of nutrition and diet as much as possible.
  3. Facts! If you make a claim, be ready to share your source(s). It’s fine to say, “I heard that nuts are good for you,” just be ready to be (politely) challenged with finding a source to back it up.
  4. Opinions. We all have them. We’re human. See #5.
  5. Keep it civil. Personal attacks are not allowed and will be deleted. Anyone making a personal attack on another community member will be instantly removed.
  6. Be helpful. If someone asks a question, try to answer using complete sentences. Yeah, it’s social media, but one-word answers are not usually helpful. Save everyone some time and post a thoughtful response.
  7. Keep it light. This is a serious subject, but let’s keep it positive. Humor is encouraged!

Continuing to post and read in this forum means that you agree with these guidelines.

These guidelines will likely be updated over time as more members join and we create a more cohesive community. Members are encouraged to help form these guidelines with suggestions!