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Is plant-based health a big old crock o’ margarine? Is it just another diet fad?

The truth is that eating plant-based is the healthiest choice you can make, especially when you’re fighting heart disease. But maybe you have doubts. Or maybe you just don’t know how.

I can help you clear up the mystery. I can teach you how to get what you need and still love eating. I love food, I’ve been eating plant-based for almost 30 years and I feel awesome. Did I mention I love food? Sure, a salad’s nice, but I mean real stick-to-your ribs, fill you up, satisfying, real food.

Have you been diagnosed with heart disease or high blood pressure? Have you suffered a heart attack? Did your doc just hand you a pamphlet on eating healthy and send you on your way? Are you just generally concerned about your heart health?

I’m here to talk with you about it. Tell me what scares you about heart disease. Wondering what you should be concerned about on a plant-based diet? Do you hate the idea of living a boring, tasteless life just to be a little healthier?

I have answers for you, and I’ll keep it real. You can be healthy and live like a human who likes food and enjoys life.

Have questions or concerns about your heart or plant-based diets? Chat with me for free: Free Coaching Call

You can also use this site as a resource to keep up with the latest in plant-based nutrition, exercise, the use of medications, and other methods for keeping your heart healthy.

You’re highly encouraged to join our community by registering in our forum. You can meet others who have the same interests and learn what they do to stay healthy, find recipes, and hear about the latest research on plant-based nutrition and heart health.

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The Founder of the Feast

Hi! My name is DJ. I’ve had a deep interest in heart health since 1984. I’ve been eating plant-based for almost 30 years; ovo-lacto vegetarian since 1993 and vegan since 2001. I also have genetic heart disease and I have to work on a daily basis to keep it in check, so far without the use of statins or other drugs. You can read my story here.